Thank You for visiting my website! I am excited to get it going and will hopefully improve it as I go, I'm just like good wine I get better with time! That's with massage too!

I offer a Quality Massage Service to the public, what I mean by this is that I  do the best that I know how and give anywheres between 1 hr to 1 hr 15 minute massages maybe more for a reasonable price of $55.00 per hour.  I also offer other services at reasonable prices such as:  Hot Stones, Salt Scrubs,  Aroma Touch Massage, Medical Massage, Chair Massage and DoTERRA Essential Oils, so please take an adventure in relaxation and give me a call and schedule your appointment today! 

I am very pleased to get to know you in the future, and remember I'm here for you to help you and encourage you to consider massage therapy as part of your healthy life style and an addition to your self-care plan. 

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Ph: 480-335-2225 or email: massageworksaz@gmail.com

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 Maryann Craze LMT MMP 

 "Healthy Muscles Rehabilitate Quicker and Stay Functional Longer!

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